Why Offline Marketing is the Key to Your Business’s Success and Happiness

Offline marketing media

So you have a new business, or existing business for that matter, and the current budget is too low for offline marketing (aka proper advertising) through ads in newspapers, magazines, radio or other traditional media outlets.
What’s left is the World Wide Web correct?
And a website, maybe a Social Media page or two? Even sending out a few really awesome looking emails, and this SHOULD do the trick yes?
Ladies & Gents… I am sorry ( no not really ), but this is WRONG!
And I will tell you WHY!
But First… I want to give you a statistic.

Out of All industries researched by MailChimp, would you believe that for all industries they analyzed, 21.33% is the average email open rate? YES 21.33% (click here for the numbers)


Here is where it gets interesting….
Do you know the open rate for Offline Marketing ( Flyers & Brochures )?


Yes.. that’s right. 100%.
Every Flyer delivered to a letterbox is opened, every flyer that is delivered is SEEN by a pair of eyes.

“what about the no junk mail or no advertising signs on letterboxes” you ask?

Remember what was said above? ” every flyer that is delivered is SEEN by a pair of eyes.”

The most important aspect you need to remember is that it is not enough to just make a website, open a few social media accounts and create a presence and put it online. You must always dedicate a decent percentage of your marketing budget to your offline marketing to gain trust, credibility, and brand presence.
This will give your current customers a nudge letting them know you are still out there, and will also give NEW and POTENTIAL visitors a reason to either call, email or visit your online marketing spaces. Flyers & Brochures give a perfect opportunity for a fantastic, in your face call to action.

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